This document is a very basic introduction to machine learning for Medicine.


  • Part I: Basics
    • Basic Machine Learning Terminologies (pre-reading)
    • Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
      • Concepts
      • Examples
    • Over-Fitting, Measuring Performance and Model Tuning
      • Overall steps
  • Part II: Application in Medical Literature
    • Model development
    • Model validation
    • Clinical implementation


Code-first philosophy is adopted for this tutorial; demonstrating the analyses through one real data analysis problem used in the literature.

  • This tutorial is not theory-focused, nor utilizes simulated data to explain the ideas. Given the focus on implementation, theory is beyond the scope of this tutorial.


  • The prerequisites are knowledge of multiple regression analysis and basic probability. Software demonstrations and codes will be provided in R, although proficiency in R is not required for understanding the concepts.
  • Watch the tutorial video tutorial video

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Version History

Version 1.1 was created for course MEDI 504A 001 Emerging Topics in Experimental Medicine - EMRG TOP EXP MED, delivered on 2021W1. Some of the materials were initially prepared for Continuing Professional Development course, UBC Department of Medicine CPD event, November 3, 2020.

Feel free to reach out for any comments, corrections, suggestions.

Contributor List

Ehsan Karim (SPPH, UBC)


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